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About Aurate

Our philosophy

We don’t just believe in the gold standard, we live by it. What started out as designing jewelry turned into an industry rebellion. And let’s be real, it was necessary.

At our core, we maintain that everyone deserves jewelry that is worthy of them. So, we focus on what really matters: durable materials that withstand everyday wear and tear, transparent pricing as friendly as your neighbor's dog, sustainable practices to protect our planet, and tangible giving to keep our conscious sparkling.

You set the gold bar, we simply strive to meet it.

About Aurate
Our Founders

Our Founders

It was over weekly brunch and an exasperated discussion of green fingers in 2015 that Aurate was born. Longtime friends from grad school, Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui couldn’t find fine jewelry with a contemporary spin and a reasonable price tag. What’s more, they had to choose between looking good and doing good. So, they decided to shake things up.

The results were products that are the absolute dream — we’re talking the highest quality, prices you can’t beat, ethical practices, and the chicest design. Alongside that, they created a brand that was talking to people buying for themselves and centered around empowerment. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends and she pays for them herself.

Hailing from the Netherlands and Morocco respectively, Sophie’s background in fashion and Bouchra’s experience in finance created a perfect partnership to transform the fine jewelry market. We like to think it was a match made by the jewelry gods.

Transcription : Aurate x Kerry: The Birth of the Mother Collection

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