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5 pieces, 1 week, styled just for you

So you want some gold, but need a hand. Don’t worry, our stylists have those. Take quick and easy online quiz to tell us what you like. Your personal stylist will curate five pieces to your liking, delivered straight to your door and yours to try for a full week free of charge. Keep what you love, send the rest back.

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Our rave reviews

Our rave reviews

“Loved my curate boxes and I love my first Aurate piece!!!”

Michelle. Verified Buyer

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Sarah Slutsky

Our collaborations

Aurate x Sarah Slutsky

Sarah Slutsky is synonymous with best dressed. You've seen her work on the red carpet lists time and time again, mastering the art of high-low and classic-edgy. Spoiler alert: her jewelry approach is no different.

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No, it's a one-off; we'll only send you a Curate box when you order one. If you really like the box-experience, you can decide to order a second one though after we received your box back. There is a maximum of two boxes per person.

Curate is AUrate's dedicated free home try-on styling service, where your personal stylist handpicks pieces for you to try at home. It's simple, bespoke and completely commitment-free. We offer two types of surveys, one is our on the go that contains a few simple questions or a more extensive version to further elaborate on your style. Your stylist will put together an edit of 5 AUrate pieces to fit your style, preferences and budget — and mail them directly to your door. Try them on for 7 days, keep what you love, and send the rest back via pre-scheduled express carrier service pick up. Shipping and returns are completely free.

Good point – after all, AUrate already has a 30-day no-questions-asked returns policy! The major difference is that Curate is put together by an expert stylist who'll help you find your perfect pieces. Plus, it's also a completely pressure-free way to try on our finest pieces before you commit, letting you play with dazzling diamonds and perfect pearls without any upfront costs in the comfort of your home.

As soon as you've finished your Curate questionnaire, your stylist will get straight to work. Boxes typically take 3-5 business days to be put together after you have completed your survey. Your Curate box will then be carefully shipped via priority mail. We'll send you tracking information so that you know exactly when to expect your delivery.

It's a free, home try-on service – there are no upfront costs for ordering your Curate Box. After placing your order, you will see a temporary hold of $100 to ensure valid payment method in file, which will be released when you return your box. Our personalized styling advice and shipping are complimentary, and you’ll only be charged for the individual pieces that you decide to keep (provided you send back anything you don't decide to keep within 7 business days). Your Curate box includes a packing slip in which you'll find the details of each piece price. You'll indicate a budget when ordering your Curate Box, so everything in it will be chosen to meet your preferences, whether you're feeling frugal or flash.

 When you order your box, we charge you a nominal, temporary deposit of $100, just to make sure your card is valid. You’ll be charged for the specific pieces you keep from your Curate Box when you let us know which items you're hanging onto (within or by the end of your 7 business day trial period). You're responsible for the items included in your Curate Box until they're scanned into FedEx's system and on its way back to us. You will be charged for the entire content of your Curate Box if it is lost before being scanned into FedEx's system. We recommend you take the receipt with the tracking number upon drop off at FedEx as proof. 

No. Unfortunately, we cannot accept pre-paid and debit cards.

Read these and more FAQ about the Curate Box on in FAQ hub.

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