Ring Sizer

  1. Instruction image

    Tear up a strip of paper (book pages are vetoed, you know how much we love them)

  2. Instruction image

    Wrap the paper snug around your finger (as in, really nice and tight–don’t be shy!) and mark the spot where it meets

  3. Instruction image

    Measure the distance with a ruler (in mm); that's your finger's circumference

What’s your size?

Pro tips for measuring

Measure end of day

Fingers tend to swell throughout the day, so it's better to measure in the evening.

Thick bands feel tight

Beware that thicker rings feel tighter than thinner ones. You may want to choose a size up for thicker bands.

Warm hands

Who likes cold hands? Not us, since the cold can shrink your fingers (and therefore your hard-earned measurements)