Terms & Conditions Curate by AUrate

Terms & Conditions

Curate by AUrate


Payment Method. Upon ordering your Curate Box, you must provide a valid payment method, which must be approved by AUrate New York and our third party payment processor. Valid payment methods are credit cards that are accepted by our payment processor. Pre-paid or debit cards are not considered valid payment methods. You hereby authorize AUrate New York or our third party payment processor to charge your payment method for all fees set forth in the Terms herein. You agree to keep your payment method information accurate and up to date and to always maintain a valid payment method until your Curate box is received and processed at the AUrate New York HQ. You hereby authorize AUrate New York or our third party payment processor to charge your payment method a temporary hold of $100 at any time after you evidently order your Curate Box, until the box is received at AUrate New York HQ, including but not limited to upon ordering a Curate Box, for purposes of confirming the validity of your payment method.


7 day policy. Upon submitting the registered information, customers and Curate recipients agree to return the box within 7 business days. The timeline commences once the Curate Box is delivered to the recipient’s address and indirectly signed for. The timeline concludes when the recipient customer evidently ships the Curate package to the provided address of AUrate New York (the tracking number associated with the FedEx return label included in the Curate box is updated). Each Curate Box includes a FedEx prepaid return label associated with a tracking number which will be activated upon scanning at a FedEx facility. Before scanning, the tracking number associated to the return label will appear as inexistent. The recipient customer is responsible for subsequently shipping back the allocated jewelry with the provided FedEx shipping label by dropping off the package at a Fedex facility or by scheduling a pick-up either directly via FedEx or via a quick message to a Curate stylist, having the option of purchasing any kept items and returning the remaining unwanted items.


Shipping Responsibility. Upon receiving their Curate package that is recorded as “delivered”, customers and Curate recipients agree to uphold and maintain their responsibility of the Curate package until it is shipped back and scanned by a FedEx facility. The package is systematically recorded as “delivered” once the recipient signs the indirect signature requirement applied onto their shipping service, signifying that they have successfully received the package.


Kept Items. The Curate program is designed for recipients to optionally try on jewelry at home. While within the 7 day policy’s timeline, the recipient returns the Curate package with the provided return label. If the recipient chooses to keep the jewelry, AUrate New York will charge their registered payment method with the equivalent retail price of the kept items, excluding the items returned to AUrate New York.


Lost Packaging. In the possible event the package is suspected as having not arrived despite the tracking number displaying it as “delivered”, the recipient should contact AUrate New York for a confirmed status. If the state of the package is concluded as delivered and the recipient is unaware of its location, AUrate New York is not liable for its recovery, replacement, or compensation. We may provide assistance in filing a claim for a lost package with the shipping service. We may change this assistance to our discretion. If it is escalated further to the package being suspected as stolen, the company suggests the recipient file a police report. The company’s position remains withheld from any responsibility of the package once it is correctly shipped from its shipping facilities.


Unreachable Recipients. Upon submitting the registered information, customers and Curate recipients agree to be appropriately charged if they do not return the Curate package after the 7 day timeline. AUrate New York will make any plausible effort to reach out to the recipient’s provided contact information, however will proceed to charge the appropriate amount if the recipient is unreachable. The appropriate amount is equivalent to the jewelry’s retail price displayed on the packing slip that is included in the Curate package.


Delinquent Curate Recipients. At the discretion of AUrate New York, for security purposes, any recipient can be systematically recorded as a delinquent recipient if unreachable for more than 5 business days after the 7 day timeline. The delinquent recipient’s account will continue to be deemed “delinquent” until they have paid for the kept items or returned their box. AUrate New York retains sole discretion to delay, waive, prohibit, or exclude any delinquent recipient (or previously delinquent) account.


Return Requirements. Upon ordering a Curate box, recipients agree to return all the required items (except items kept) through the provided shipping carrier’s service. AUrate New York must receive the required items being: the sent invoice, label provided, unwanted items, and its original packaging. Should the recipient not provide these listed items, AUrate will make any plausible attempt of reaching the recipient through their contact information. Recipient customer is responsible for the Curate box and overseeing its return back to AUrate New York HQ. Should the recipient refuse to cooperate with returning the items, AUrate New York can appropriately charge the customer at any moment.


FAQ. AUrate’s FAQ generally expands on further inquiries and concerns, serving only as a guideline. Registered Curate recipients agree to AUrate’s Terms & Conditions being able to change their position on any section under the FAQ at any moment.




    Drop us a line at curate@auratenewyork.com if anything is unclear!