The Gold

April 22nd is just one of the 365 Earth Days we celebrate.

April 22nd is just one of the 365 Earth Days we celebrate.

We believe that if you love your earth it will love you back.

Our jewelry is made only of the purest materials and obtained by the most ethical and sensitive methods possible. Because nothing looks or feels better than honest to goodness, purely sourced jewelry.


The golden standard:

Gold mining has a bad reputation, and rightfully so. Many high-end jewelers get their gold the ugly way and sell it for a dishonest price. The industry is rife with conflict, unethical labor practices, and blatant environmental damage. We aim to reverse and diminish these practices by using 100% recycled gold for every single one of our products. Gold is unique in its ability to be recycled over and over again without compromising its quality or shine. So why wouldn’t you do your earth a favor?

Real gold 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:

But only when they come from 100% ethical and environmentally sound sources. AUrate is adamant about following (and going above and beyond) the Kimberly Process, the international system certifying conflict-free diamonds. We diligently track each and every diamond throughout every step of the way from mine to workshop. We only work with mines that we are certain have respectable working conditions, pay their employees fairly, respect the surrounding communities, and enforce environmentally safe mining practices.

Diamond RIng


Purely pearl:

For the highest quality AAA-grade pearls from the most reputable source, we turn to Japan and the South Sea. We keep the ocean, the environment, and the people at work at the front of our minds when obtaining the pearls we use at AUrate. The farms we work with are all family-run, fair to their employees, and use safe and sustainable harvesting practices in order to maintain marine health while still harvesting the best pearls the sea has to offer.

Our Pearls

Don’t let your jewelry hang heavy on your conscious. We are here to create pieces that you can feel good about wearing.

We do what’s best for you and for our earth.