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Finding Romance In NYC

Finding Romance In NYC

New York City: known for its fast pace, the ability to stay open all night, a seemingly endless fountain of creativity, and gritty streets juxtaposed with resoundingly beautiful art and style. Yet when it comes to romance, it's usually another major city that takes the cake (here’s looking at you, Paris). But just because New York doesn't have the reputation for being the most romantic, doesn’t mean romance can't be found at all. Here, we uncover our favorite NYC destinations where you can really feel the love, for Valentine's Day and beyond. 


Central Park

Perhaps it’s the way you get surprised every time you visit that makes Central Park so romantic - when you’re used to living in a concrete jungle, the sheer vastness of nature is enough to take your breath away. And with its bountiful lawns, gardens, water features, and landscapes, you are guaranteed to find a little nook where it feels like there is nobody else in the world but you and your loved one. In summer, we love to indulge in a picnic before taking a leisurely boat ride at the Loeb Boathouse. And in winter, there’s nothing lovelier than an intimate stroll linked arm-in-arm, watching the delicate snowflakes float effortlessly to your feet.


A Cozy Neighborhood Bistro

Ok, we have to give credit where credit’s due: the French really know how to do romance, especially when it comes to dining and creating an atmosphere of cozy intimacy. Luckily, many of our Francophile friends have decided to share this talent with the citizens of New York, and you will find an abundance of affectionate French-style bistros across the city’s neighborhoods. The ones to top our list include the West Village mainstay Buvette, which also operates a sister restaurant in Paris (you’d swear you are instantly transported to the arrondissements when you step through the door of the NYC locale); and Vin et Fleurs, which combines good wine, food, and a very Parisienne decor with delightfully fresh flowers available for sale. Mais Oui indeed. 

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Great Jones Spa

In a city as rushed as NYC, there is nothing more blissful than taking a moment to relax, and we consider sharing that bliss with a loved one to be the ultimate form of romance. There is a multitude of beautiful spas to channel inner-calm in the city, but we can never go past the Great Jones Spa. Their surroundings can be described as gorgeously trendy, and their treatments are sure to make you euphorically content. For a truly special experience, we suggest the 90-minute Signature massage in a Duet room designed for couples, paired with a Water Lounge session, where you can indulge in their harmonizing spas and steam rooms.


The Top of the Empire State Building

Another of New York’s most endearing qualities is just how recognizable the city’s landmarks are -  a result not only of its iconic architecture, but also the many, many screen stories set in the city itself. With that in mind, you could say the Empire State Building is the crown jewel of the skyline, starring in no less than 250 movies and acting as the central plot point for some of Hollywood’s most romantic tales, including the classic “An Affair to Remember” as well as “Sleepless in Seattle”. Venturing to the top of the 102-story skyscraper at twilight is particularly heart-stirring, with the views of New York sparkling under the emerging stars and the warm glow of the city’s lights. It’s the perfect way to start a date, and pairs especially well with flowers and champagne, followed by a visit to your local neighborhood bistro.


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