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Getting Creative

Getting Creative

Writer, photographer, architect… whichever creative field you work in, there's no doubt originality reigns. We're not just talking about your productive output, we’re talking all manners of self-expression. From your social media feed to the way you dress, and even the way you walk, each says something about you - the real you. And there is nothing more real than taking cues from your surroundings, reinterpreting them, and making them your own.


So when it comes to adorning yourself each work day, start with the classics, then add your own personal flourish. Take advantage of the freedom available to you: channel asymmetry, let your golds mix and match, and if it feels right, purposely clash. Think modern, statement pieces, like the Circle Earrings and Necklace, pared back with the ever-versatile Icon or X Ring. Add a touch of edginess, if you so please, with a Simple Mini Earcuff or two.

Sartorially-speaking, why not continue to challenge the norm? Take a classic two-piece, for instance, and layer it with a crisp white shirt, one with bell sleeves or ruffles will create a look that's resoundingly fresh. To create the unexpected, replace the common black tote with a backpack in an enticingly soft hue. Try toughening up the look with combat boots, or make it more relaxed with a sneaker in a white metallic hybrid. The choice is completely up to you. That’s the beauty of creativity - when it comes down to it, the only limit is your imagination. So find what you like, wear it how you want, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. In other words, be the real you.

Medium Diamond Pendant Necklace, $580 | Bar Necklace, $380 | Crossover Bracelet, $2500


Photographer: Sasha Lytvyn | Model: Lindsey Davis