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The AUrate Holiday Gift Guide

The AUrate Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe we have reached December? It seems like only a week ago we were sitting on the patios of our favorite restaurants, sipping rosé while enjoying the long, warm evenings of Summer. Yet here we are, plunged headlong into the holiday season and swapping our rosés for mulled wine. And with the fun of the festive season comes the chaos of trying to find the perfect gift for those we love. Luckily, we’re here to help. Sure, we may be a little biased, but we think jewelry, especially that crafted from the finest raw materials and designed to enhance the wearer’s personal style, is an ideal gift. So here are our top gift recommendations for the most important women in your life.


Your Best Friend

True friends are hard to come by, and best friends are the ones who have seen us through the ups and downs, lasting the test of time. Let a bracelet be a reminder of just how special and essential your best friend is to you. Made from 14k Yellow Gold, the delicate Mini Charm Circle Bracelet is the perfect every day piece which never needs to come off. A little too delicate for your statement-making best friend? Then the X Cuff, made from Vermeil Rose Gold, is a bold selection that will remind your best friend how lucky she is to have you in her life, too.

AUrate X Cuff & Mini Charm Circle bracelet

Mini Charm Circle Bracelet, $200 | X Cuff, $280

Your Mom

There is nothing like the relationship between a mother and her child, so why not give a superlative piece to the woman who knows no bounds when it comes to loving you. The Proud Pearl Pendant with White Diamonds is an elegant necklace which truly defines modern luxury. Featuring a luminescent freshwater pearl, white diamonds, and set in 14k Yellow Gold, it’s a piece that will long be treasured. For the Mom who likes her accessories a little more ornate, the Flower Necklace, featuring a golden bouquet of lush, summer wildflowers, is exquisitely distinctive and adds an element of elegant, modern style.

Your Sister

Whether you grew up joined at the hip or were constantly in each other’s hair, there is no-one quite like a sister! Let your childhood memories guide you in choosing a design that is perfectly her. The Black Stones Ring is a flawless accessory for the woman who always has your back (even if sometimes she gets on it!). Or, for a ring that truly represents the dichotomous sister-to-sister relationship, the Open Pearl Ring with Black Diamonds offers a sleek, modern look steeped in contrast.

AUrate Black Stones Ring & Open Pearl Ring with Black Diamonds

Black Stones Ring, $300 | Open Pearl Ring with Black Diamonds, $400

Your Colleague

While purchasing a gift for your colleague is not all that common, from time-to-time we come across someone special who makes working life a breeze, and we think that’s more than deserving of a gift. So whether it’s a manager or mentor who helped you win a promotion or a colleague who is always happy to listen when you vent your frustrations, thank them for their support with a gift they will truly appreciate. Our pick? The Mini Gold Bar Earrings - with their simple yet elegant aesthetic, they are an ideal option to wear with any work ensemble.

Your Significant Other

Having a special someone in your life is a wonderful gift in itself, so why not give your significant other a gift that echoes the timelessness of your love? While ornate pieces are always appreciated, a classic piece such as the Tricolor Ring in Yellow Gold or the Skinny Cuff can be worn time and time again, on their own or coupled with something a little more intricate. And the beauty of a minimal aesthetic is that it offers flexibility - our pieces can be worn with just about anything, and they can be worn by just about anyone. So whether your ‘better half’ is female or male, these fine, hand-crafted designs offer simple sophistication and enduring style.

AUrate Tricolor Ring & Skinny Cuff

Tricolor Ring, $250 | Skinny Cuff, $980

Your Self

Last but not least, don’t forget to treat yourself! With the abundance of holiday functions to attend, a piece of jewelry is often all you need to create a fresh evening look. The Pearl Ear Chain is distinctive and versatile, and the perfect accompaniment to an LBD. Prefer something a little delicate but edgy? The Mini Earcuff with White Diamonds can be matched with other diamond pieces to channel a modern and unique style.

AUrate Pearl Ear Chain & Mini Earcuff with White Diamonds


And remember, when you give the gift of AUrate, you are giving to more than just one person. For every piece of jewelry purchased, a book is given to a child in need. It feels good to give beautiful jewelry, it feels even better to also help someone in need.