Introducing Eloise, The Newest Face Of AUrate

Introducing Eloise, The Newest Face Of AUrate

One of the elements we pride ourselves on here at AUrate is balance - we believe our jewelry strikes the perfect balance between luxury and accessibility, between longevity and contemporary. We admit, it’s no easy feat, but we commit ourselves to going the extra mile (or ten!) to ensure each and every design is created just right. And this was exactly how we felt when we met Eloise. Beautiful, worldly, charming, and oh so friendly, it took but a brief moment of warmhearted chatter to feel as if Eloise had been a member of the AUrate family from the very start. And with a connection like that, we knew she was just the right person to front our new collection. We couldn't keep the conversational 'gems' to ourselves, so in between takes at our latest photo shoot, we sat down with the well-traveled Eloise to find out more about her career, her aspirations, and her consummately balanced style.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I grew up in the North of France and was based in Paris for three years before coming to New York about a year ago. I started modeling four years ago, which led me to Paris and then New York, but traveled quite a lot. I have been to South Africa and Brazil for jobs. I get to travel a lot with modeling, it’s the best part of the job.

And how do you feel about jewelry?

The funny thing is I really like jewelry, but I don’t wear a lot of it. For every day, it’s mainly just two rings but that’s all. I really like jewelry, and I really want to start a GIA, probably next year, to be a gemologist. The idea is to do it part time and still do modeling.

You mentioned you wear two rings every day, could you tell us why?

They are the most sentimental pieces I own. I got one ring for my twentieth birthday, and the other one from my best friend, so as gifts they are really special.

How you would you describe your overall personal style?

It’s really...I don't know, cool and chic at the same time? I like to be elegant, but I have to feel comfortable in my clothes. I like to feel comfortable and to be able to do all that I want.

What are your favorite AUrate pieces?

Definitely the rings! And I also really like the Asymmetric Pearl Collar, it’s one of my favorites.

How important are fine materials to you?

It’s really important. The jewelry is more beautiful and more precious.

And finally, tell us about your favorite place in NYC?

The Lucky Bee - it’s really cool! Definitely one of my favorite places in New York.

Photographer: Sasha Lytvyn | Model: Eloise O.

Eloise wears: (above image) Proud Simple Pearl Pendant, $400 | Hoop Earring, $750 

(cover image) Flower Earring Back Small, $150 | Diamond Bar Square Ring with White Diamonds, $550