A Golden Ceremony

A Golden Ceremony

An Endless Celebration


Although the wedding bell season is behind us here in the US, we thought it was important to also take the time to explore different wedding traditions from around the world. We have always been particularly fascinated with Indian weddings, which are known for their vibrant colors, age-old traditions, and endless celebrations that sometimes last for weeks.  An unforgettable aspect of the fun and festivities is the gold that the bride wears on her special day -- where the number of Indian weddings that occur yearly has been known to impact and sway the global market for gold.


Goddess of Fortune

More important than the grandeur and carnival-like celebrations, is the symbolic meaning that Indian families associate with gold. Acquiring gold throughout one's lifetime is an Indian cultural goal that dates back thousands of years. Gold is thought to bring blessings from Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity. Considered to be a lucky omen, families use this precious metal as a way to secure their daughter’s future when she enters into a new home. This is why gold is such an important aspect of Indian weddings. Many brides choose to wear Kasavu sarees that are lined with real gold thread and their bodies are adorned with gold jewelry. An ornament called Maangtikka dangles from the bride's hairlineand she wears Paayal, a gold anklet on her feet. Where can we get our hands (or feet) on these pieces?


Picking a Lucky Day

Considered as one of the biggest consumers of gold in the world, Indian weddings have enough influence to determine the price of gold globally. The number of weddings that occur each year in India depends on the number of dates that are considered to be “auspicious” in the Hindu calendar. The world can usually expect that an average of around 800 tons of gold will be purchased for the 20 million weddings that occur each year in India. In certain Hindu calendar years, these dates occur less frequently which decreases the number of weddings that take place that year. This negative trend impacts the global price of gold, causing prices to greatly drop and swaying the global market for gold. We need to do extra marketing research about auspicious dates asap!


A Bouquet of Wildflowers

We know exactly which of our gold pieces we would wear to an Indian wedding. The flower collection, which features a flirty and fun golden bouquet of lush summer wildflowers, are very appropriate to wear to any wedding occasion. The flower necklace open sits comfortably on the collar, and delicate wildflowers gently encircle the neck that is guaranteed to complement any wedding look.

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Photos: Brett Matthews Photography