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Women Raising the Bar: Gigi Howard

Women Raising the Bar: Gigi Howard

No need to tell us that we're empowered. We already know it. Because, here at Aurate, women take life into our own hands. We push ourselves forward. Just as jewelry reminds us of monumental moments along the way -- from graduation to marriage -- we remind ourselves to keep moving. In honor of Women's Day, Aurate is encouraging women in each new decision, chapter, and memory -- to not let the past hold us back. On March 7th and 8th in our SOHO flagship, trade in any of your unwanted jewelry and we will give you a credit for a new Aurate piece to accompany you on your new journey. Meet the 5 Aurator's inspiring the campaign. 


Meet Brittany

As a powerhouse mom in NYC, Britt is a pro juggler. A blogger and influencer, she makes each atmosphere a safe space through sharing and positivity, while pursuing each and every creative outlet. Brittany is exchanging a pair of diamond earrings from the females in her family in hopes of sharing the positive energy she got from them with someone else.

Meet Linh

You can find Linh on the corner where fashion and interior design collide. A content creator by day, she has blurred the boundaries between her sartorial aesthetic and interior styling through her namesake blog. Linh is exchanging a pair of solid gold hoops that she no longer wears so that they can be recycled into something new.

Meet Chloe

Take a peek behind the camera. Chloé’s camera to be precise. The Montreal-born photographer may call NYC home and anything her subject, but food her passion. She recently released her first cookbook, Saisons, alongside two other inspiring women. Chloe is exchanging a chain necklace that was passed down in her family, but eventually bit the dust after wearing it so often. Don’t worry Chloe, we have a new chain for you.

Meet Sarah

We like to think of Sarah as a necessary luxury. Probably because she wrote the book on luxury brands. A partner and managing director at the Boston Consulting Group, Sarah spent her early years growing up in Australia. In addition to being the watchful eye of several brands, she is also the mom of two boys. Sarah is exchanging a pair of cufflinks she got at the beginning of her career when she had the mindset that she would fit into her then male dominant field. 

Meet Olaolu

No matter the challenge, it’s business as usual for Olaolu. Originally from Nigeria, she studied at Smith before receiving her MBA from Stanford. As if that weren’t hard enough, she added mom to an eight month old baby and Director of Investments at an asset management firm to her resumé thereafter. Olaolu is exchanging a silver onyx bracelet that she got during a time in her life when she thought she had to be more conservative and cookie-cutter. She’s ready to let her personality shine through in her jewelry collection.